Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Mac Heatherette Trio 1

Mac Heatherette Trio 1 

This beautiful limited edition palette is by far my favourite out of my collection.
The pink metallic look with the pretty glittery top.. 
 The pictures don't do it justice!

This palette contains 3 eyeshadows ; Hoppin', Mood Ring & Cloudburst.

Hoppin' (left) is a nude peachy colour which I like to use under my brows and in my inner eye corner to highlight. It has a satin like feel when swatched.

Mood Ring is my favourite of the three.
 It's a metallic teal with a slight shimmer in it. 
It's unlike any of my other eyeshadows and has a creamy texture when I swatch it.

Cloudburst is a velvety black with beautiful green shimmer in it. It blends in beautifully with Mood Ring because of the green glitter. 
This is my favourite black eyeshadow as my                                                              other ones seem so plain now!

Although when I first saw the palette,
 I thought the colours wouldn't match when applied together, but I was wrong. 
This makes for an easy and quick application and is the perfect size to stick in your bag! 
This palette screams girly and glittery. 
It's perfection! 10/10!

A huge thanks to my lovely sponsor who let me review this stunning palette!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

MAC Cosmetics Marge: The Simpsons Collection for Fall 2014

Mac Cosmetics 

Marge The Simpsons Collection Fall 2014

As previously stated I was unsure whether or not the information I had found was true or false. Unfortunately it was false.. 
But the good news is I now have the actual list of the products coming out!

I couldn't wait for this collection until I found out that there are no lipsticks! You're thinking the same as I did.. 'You're lying!'.. no I'm not :(
There's still hope as it will be in limited edition packaging and new colours!

Nacho Cheese Explosion - Bright Neon Lime Yellow
Grand Pumpkin - Bright Creamy Orange
Red Blazer - Bright fushia 
Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy - Electric Blue Violet

Marge's Extra Ingredients Quad :
- Harpooned Heart (Light Baby Pink - Lustre)
- Sexy PB & I ( Mid-Tone Bright Violet - Veluxe Pearl)
- Beehive Blue (Mid-Tone Bright Blue - Veluxe Pearl)
Vivacious Vacuum Cleaner Bag ( Deep Navy - Frost)

That Trillion Dollar Look Quad:
Lisa's Spikes (Lime Green -Frost)
Apple Squishee (Mid-Tone Kelly Green - Frost)
2 Dozen and One Greyhounds (Mid-Tone Olive Green - Veluxe Pearl)
Chalkboard Dreams (Deep Blackened Teak - Velvet)

Powder Blush:
Pink Sprinkles (Cute Blue Pink - Satin)
Sideshow You (Light Peach Coral - Satin) Online Exclusive

Nail Stickers 
Marge Simpson's Cutie-Cles 

7 Lash 

And that's all there is in this collection. Pro discount is also not eligible for this collection. 
It is due to be released September 4th in the US, but there is no exact date for the U.K.

Here are some swatches of the lipglasses!

Image provided by instagram I take no credit for this image.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic Mystical Lipstick

MAC Alluring Aquatic Mystical Lipstick

While I was away on holiday I missed this collection and even checked the airport but all the lipsticks were sold out! I was lucky enough to get this from my amazing sponsor!

Firstly, the packaging. 
It is to die for! I haven't seen anything like it before.
The droplets of water and the metallic blue packaging are stunning in person.

Mystical is a mid-tone plummy rose colour. 
It has a slight pink-gold shimmer in it that gives it a beautiful finish. 
The application was very easy as it a cremesheen finish and it didn't pull, tug or apply unevenly. 

When I apply this it looks like my perfect nude due to my dark pink pigmented natural lip colour. 
I reapplied after 5 hours and it had not dried nor hydrated my lips. 

I can't fault this at all, I am in love with this lipstick! 
It is just amazing overall and I have to rate it a 10/10!

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Sunday, 1 June 2014

BeneFit Cosmetics The Talent Brush

BeneFit Cosmetics The Talent Brush

In the past year I've been looking for something to do my brows with and haven't had much luck in my search. My sponsor kindly sent me this to try and I love it! 
Eyebrow pencils are good but I find they leave you looking like you have caterpillars on your face! The key is really to use a lighter colour on the inside then use a darker colour for the rest of the eyebrow. 

I actually prefer to use eyeshadows or powders to do my eyebrows as it doesn't look to dark, full or cakey as the pencils can. I was previously using an angled brush to do them but found it a little awkward! 

This brush looks gorgeous and yet is simple. The bristles are soft but just the right amount of sturdy. On the packaging it also states that this brush has many different purposes such as applying eye liner, contouring & shading. No where does it state that it can be used on brows but I think, why not?! 

I tried applying eye liner with it and found it awkward and it felt too bulky! It also applied the eye liner too thick and it ended up everywhere! I did not however try to contour or shade with it so I can't say how it does with those. This is now in my makeup bag 24/7! It's my go-to brush for doing my brows and I love it! 

I rate this an overall 10/10 for eyebrow use but definitely not for eye liner!

Thank you for reading and please check out my lovely sponsors Ebay page and find yourself some beautiful products at a great price!