Friday, 31 October 2014

MAC 6 Lips Gem Palette Crystal from the MAC 2004 Holiday Collection

MAC 6 Lips Gem Palette
MAC 2004 Holiday Collection

I got this little beauty from my sponsor a little while back, luckily i hadn't put the pictures onto my old and broken laptop..!

Well, where do I begin?
This little pretty is nothing like any Mac item I have seen in recent collections over the last few years. It's a beautiful aqua turquoise colored palette with Swarovski crystals in the Mac logo. 

4 lipsticks: Bare Trance, Hug Me, CB-96 & Fetish 
2 lipglosses: Bluelight & Chatterbox
brush: 316SE

L-R: Bare Trance, Hug Me, Chatterbox,CB-96, Fetish & Bluelight

L-R: Bare Trance, Hug Me, Chatterbox,CB-96, Fetish & Bluelight

Bare Trance Lipstick : Now, when I first saw this lipstick I didn't think it would like me and my skin tone.. but surprisingly it really did! I found it so easy to apply this and it lasted for a little while I'd say around 2 hours as it is a frost finish and needed constant reapplying but I really loved the color of this as I have never owned/tried one! It's not so much shimmery but.. frosty!

Hug Me Lipstick: I noticed this was a lustre finish and immediately wasn't impressed when I swatched it. I am more of a matte fan as the color payoff is much better and it lasts forever. Once I applied i noticed it went on smoothly but that there wasn't much color payoff (probably the pigmentation of my lip color!) and it looked like I had put vaseline on! So, as I thought from the swatch, I wasn't impressed sadly! It lasted a mere hour on me I had to reapply often. The color is beautiful but this one just isn't for me.

Chatterbox Lipgloss: This is such a pretty golden rose pearly lipgloss.. there's no other way to explain it! It really reminded me of the first Mac gloss( I kind of borrowed from my mum and never gave her back haha) called Show Coral. It has almost the exact same pearly finish they are just different colours. Sadly it doesn't suit me all that well but if I am in the mood to change my look up this non sticky-messy gloss is my choice! It lasted around 2 and a half hours on me.

CB-96 Lipstick: CB-96 is a very frosty orange with a little hint of pink. It is a stunning frost lipstick and suits me better than most other shades in this palette due to my brown hair and hazel eyes. It has been compared to RiRi's Who's That Chick lipstick and I see a similarity in finish/shine but CB-96 is much pinker and WTC is more burnt golden orange. This lasted 3 hours on me which surprised me as it's a frost!

Fetish Lipstick: This is a stunning color that I couldn't wait to try. It's a coppery brown with hints of gold in it. This applied easily like all the other lipsticks in this palette and looked lovely on. It didn't settle into any little cracks which is great and had a pearly finish to it. It lasted around 3 hours which is good for a frost finish lipstick.

Bluelight lipgloss: When I first saw this light jade green color in the palette I was a little intrigued and also a little intimidated if I'm honest! I was worried it would look like a nasty green when I applied it but boy was I wrong! When i swatched it it did look very green but i decided to use a little on my lips and just blend it in and it looked lovely! It has tiny purple shimmer in it and when I blended the green gunk around it turned into a pearly baby pink gloss with purple shimmer. That is the only way I can describe it! This is by far the best performing of the whole palette and really isn't what you would expect! It lasted an hour and a half so it wasn't the longest lasting but the color just won me over!

Brush 316SE : This is such a cute brush and it even matches the packaging in color <3 It's very sturdy and very easy to use, easy to clean and applies lipstick/ gloss easily.

I rate this an 8 out of 10. 
A high score for the breathtaking packaging and neat little brush and also the great products inside. But it's downfall for me is that it isn't versatile! 
There are only frost & lustre finishes.. A wider variety would have maybe swayed me.. And some of the lipsticks didn't perform all that well!
 But it's definitely a beauty and is the prettiest thing in my collection!

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