Sunday, 10 August 2014

MAC Archie’s Girls Magic Spells Pigment Review

MAC Archie’s Girls Magic Spells Pigment Review

I've been wanting to try Mac pigments for a while and haven't really found a colour I liked.
So I was very happy to receive this from my sponsor to try!

I would describe the colour as a matte black with a teal glitter/shimmer. 
The pictures really don't do it any justice! 

(Swatched once lighty)

I found this super messy to work with, it ended up everywhere! 
So I put a piece of paper under it so when I opened it and would take a 
little out it didn't go all over the place.

When I applied, I had a primer on to keep it still.
 I only needed the smallest amount and it went a long way.
It lasted for a long time but started fading a little after 6 hours. 
It went on very easily but I made sure to use a shield when applying to my lid
 so it didn't fall on my face.

 (Swatched twice lightly)

The colour is just beautiful and super easy to apply and the 
limited edition packaging is so cute too! 
You get so much product for your money with these pots, it seems endless!
The only downfall for me is how messy it is and that the blackness fades, 
so sadly it's an 8/10 for this!

Thank you for reading!
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