Wednesday, 4 February 2015

MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo Collection Lipstick in shade Oxblood

MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo Collection Lipstick in shade Oxblood
Mac Toledo Packaging with extra outer sleeve
I was lucky enough to have heard about the glitch on the Mac Cosmetics UK website and managed to purchase this lipstick before they removed/fixed the glitch! This was definitely the first shade to catch my eye out of the 6 lipsticks available in the collection.. Although I am a huge fan of reds this lipstick seems to have changed my mind for the time being!
The other shade I am VERY anxious to get my hands on is Barbecue - so we'll have to wait for that review once the collection has officially been released! I also wanted to say a massive thank you to Mac Cosmetics for honoring our orders because they usually would have cancelled the orders and refunded us but this time we were very lucky ladies!
The outer packaging of the lipstick tube - with a suede feel 
First off we must begin with this stunning piece of art that is in fact the packaging.. As soon as I saw pictures of this lipstick/collection I KNEW i had to have at least one item from the collection. Not only is it a beaut, it also has one of those old styled 'sleeves' to cover the lipstick box with the main design on it. AND to top that, the lipstick has a suede/velvet feel to it similar to the Rihanna Viva Glam lipsticks. Sadly I took mine to body painting class today and managed to mark it and that doesn't seem to want to budge! :(
Image taken in natural day light -Oxblood (Matte Finish)
Image taken with flash & natural day light - Oxblood (Matte Finish)
Many people have been comparing this to Mac's Kinda Sexy lipstick, and i do see similarities but I can tell you now that they're not exactly dupes. Kinda sexy really doesn't suit me but Oxblood does - hence why I think there is quite a difference.. I will upload pictures to compare them tomorrow as day light has decided to cease for today!
Image taken with flash & natural day light
I wore this the last two days and managed to get very long wear out of it even with some Vaseline applied underneath it (not the best weather for matte lipsticks!). The colour is beautiful and not at all fiddly to apply. It pairs well on my skintone with Boldly Bare lipliner (also by mac- of course!). I had been searching for a lipstick to finally replace my bad habit of using Boldly Bare all over and this is definitely it's perfect match! I didn't however enjoy the cracked lips look without having scrubbed and 'moisturised' my lips but I can't blame the lipstick as it is sadly winter time.. Overall I rate this 10/10 because the packaging is so stunning, the shade is beautiful and can work with many skin tones & the longevity of it.
If you're wondering when you can pick it up, I have heard from Mac Cosmetics UK that it will be released on the 26th of February 2015! 
I hope you've enjoyed my review! 
Have a beautiful day xx

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