Sunday, 16 February 2014


It's first debut in the 'Reel Sexy Collection in 2012' enticed customers, and when re-promoted the following year in the 'Fashion Sets Collection 2013', people all over were heart broken to find out it was not part of the permanent line. Especially those who didn't get a chance to purchase it.
  Now, it's back for good.

Although this is not yet available in the UK, I managed to get my hands on it through my lovely sponsor.

My first impression of this lipstick was a single word, ''Purple''.

I wasn't sure what this would look like once applied as it varies on your skin tone and the pigmentation of your lips. It is dark plum purple in the tube but once swatched or applied to the lips it is almost magenta/fushia. It also looks red-toned under certain lighting which accents this lipstick even more.

Although it is a matte lipstick it glides on easily and feels quite moisturising which is very surprising.

I found no issues with it dragging, skipping or tugging when I applied it, unlike some other mattes and retro mattes. The coverage was full and it lasted for roughly 5 hours. As always it has the classic chocolate scent (not vanilla!), gosh there's nothing better than the smell of a brand new MAC lipstick...

My overall feelings about this lipstick are if you can get your hands on it, even just to try it, you should! This is the lipstick in my collection that really stands out the most, by colour, vibrancy and application.

The rumoured UK release date in store is March 6th 2014. The online launch was due in January but has obviously been a false statement or the date has been changed. The price will remain £15 for this lipstick, I am still waiting to hear if the lipglass will be available too.

I hope this review has been helpful to you all, if you have any questions please feel free to ask!

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