Thursday, 8 May 2014

MAC Cosmetics 'Revealing' Lipglass

I'd like to start off this post by letting everyone know I received an email this morning about my college course interview... I have my second and final interview in two weeks time. I really hope I do well but I am nervous to do someone else's makeup as a task as I have only done it once before! I also have a mood board and face chart to do before hand.. Another thing I have no experience in (face charts!).

This lipglass was sent to me by my wonderful sponsor not only to review the actual gloss but to go over a touchy subject - Fake Mac.

 At first glance all is well, until it's opened. My boyfriend was my guinea pig to compare the smell of my 'Viva Glam Gaga' (pink) lipglass and this one. His first reaction was 'Waxy', exactly as I thought. But this may surprise many when I tell them, this lipglass isn't a fake at all. 

Just because it doesn't smell like the usual Mac vanilla/chocolate, doesn't make it a fake. But if you are unsure whether your item is a fake please feel free to contact me and send me some pictures of the product too -

I really like this lipglass (excluding the lingering smell!). It applies so easily and just glides on. It goes on evenly and applies well with just one application. The colour is opaque and the finish is high shine.The lipglass lasted for just over one hour and a half which is quite a short term wearing lipglass but I reapplied. 

I paired it with a nude-brown smokey eye and winged eye liner (my usual eye look). Most Mac lipglasses are quite sticky but this one seems to feel quite light and creamy. This nudey colour is the opposite from what I would usually pick but.. I think it really suits my skin tones and has made me more interested in nude lip colours.

This lipglass has become one of my go-to lipglosses as it pairs with a lot of different looks and adds a little 'something'. I really like this and rate it 8/10. I marked it down for two reasons. One being the smell and also it doesn't last very long.

Thanks to my amazing sponsor for the product!
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