Friday, 9 May 2014

MAC Cosmetics

 Marge: The Simpsons Collection for Fall 2014

Spoiler alert!

This is a brief look over the rumoured products of the 'Simpsons' collaboration with MAC!

Eyeshadow Quad

-Marge's skyscraper (Cyan blue)
-Santa's Little Helper (Copper brown)
-Snowball (Black Carbon)
-Moe Shroom (Shroom) 

Lipstick Duo

Selma - Pink Lavender (Matte)
Patty - Blue Lavender (Lustre)

Lenny - Pale Yellow (Amplified)
Carl - Deep Burgundy (Satin)


Lisa's Sax - Bright Yellow ( Matte) 
Marge's Night Out -Orange Red (Matte)
Homer's Doughnut - Vivid Pink (Matte)
Brat's Shoes - Vivid Blue (Satin)
Maggie's Teddy - Natural Nude (Satin)

If these are indeed true products of the collection, I want them all! 
Especially those matte lippies! I can't wait!

 This information is not guaranteed to be accurate at this time as it has not yet been previewed or released by MAC Cosmetics themselves.

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