Sunday, 1 June 2014

BeneFit Cosmetics The Talent Brush

BeneFit Cosmetics The Talent Brush

In the past year I've been looking for something to do my brows with and haven't had much luck in my search. My sponsor kindly sent me this to try and I love it! 
Eyebrow pencils are good but I find they leave you looking like you have caterpillars on your face! The key is really to use a lighter colour on the inside then use a darker colour for the rest of the eyebrow. 

I actually prefer to use eyeshadows or powders to do my eyebrows as it doesn't look to dark, full or cakey as the pencils can. I was previously using an angled brush to do them but found it a little awkward! 

This brush looks gorgeous and yet is simple. The bristles are soft but just the right amount of sturdy. On the packaging it also states that this brush has many different purposes such as applying eye liner, contouring & shading. No where does it state that it can be used on brows but I think, why not?! 

I tried applying eye liner with it and found it awkward and it felt too bulky! It also applied the eye liner too thick and it ended up everywhere! I did not however try to contour or shade with it so I can't say how it does with those. This is now in my makeup bag 24/7! It's my go-to brush for doing my brows and I love it! 

I rate this an overall 10/10 for eyebrow use but definitely not for eye liner!

Thank you for reading and please check out my lovely sponsors Ebay page and find yourself some beautiful products at a great price!

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