Tuesday, 24 June 2014

MAC Cosmetics Marge: The Simpsons Collection for Fall 2014

Mac Cosmetics 

Marge The Simpsons Collection Fall 2014

As previously stated I was unsure whether or not the information I had found was true or false. Unfortunately it was false.. 
But the good news is I now have the actual list of the products coming out!

I couldn't wait for this collection until I found out that there are no lipsticks! You're thinking the same as I did.. 'You're lying!'.. no I'm not :(
There's still hope as it will be in limited edition packaging and new colours!

Nacho Cheese Explosion - Bright Neon Lime Yellow
Grand Pumpkin - Bright Creamy Orange
Red Blazer - Bright fushia 
Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy - Electric Blue Violet

Marge's Extra Ingredients Quad :
- Harpooned Heart (Light Baby Pink - Lustre)
- Sexy PB & I ( Mid-Tone Bright Violet - Veluxe Pearl)
- Beehive Blue (Mid-Tone Bright Blue - Veluxe Pearl)
Vivacious Vacuum Cleaner Bag ( Deep Navy - Frost)

That Trillion Dollar Look Quad:
Lisa's Spikes (Lime Green -Frost)
Apple Squishee (Mid-Tone Kelly Green - Frost)
2 Dozen and One Greyhounds (Mid-Tone Olive Green - Veluxe Pearl)
Chalkboard Dreams (Deep Blackened Teak - Velvet)

Powder Blush:
Pink Sprinkles (Cute Blue Pink - Satin)
Sideshow You (Light Peach Coral - Satin) Online Exclusive

Nail Stickers 
Marge Simpson's Cutie-Cles 

7 Lash 

And that's all there is in this collection. Pro discount is also not eligible for this collection. 
It is due to be released September 4th in the US, but there is no exact date for the U.K.

Here are some swatches of the lipglasses!

Image provided by instagram I take no credit for this image.

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