Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Mac Heatherette Trio 1

Mac Heatherette Trio 1 

This beautiful limited edition palette is by far my favourite out of my collection.
The pink metallic look with the pretty glittery top.. 
 The pictures don't do it justice!

This palette contains 3 eyeshadows ; Hoppin', Mood Ring & Cloudburst.

Hoppin' (left) is a nude peachy colour which I like to use under my brows and in my inner eye corner to highlight. It has a satin like feel when swatched.

Mood Ring is my favourite of the three.
 It's a metallic teal with a slight shimmer in it. 
It's unlike any of my other eyeshadows and has a creamy texture when I swatch it.

Cloudburst is a velvety black with beautiful green shimmer in it. It blends in beautifully with Mood Ring because of the green glitter. 
This is my favourite black eyeshadow as my                                                              other ones seem so plain now!

Although when I first saw the palette,
 I thought the colours wouldn't match when applied together, but I was wrong. 
This makes for an easy and quick application and is the perfect size to stick in your bag! 
This palette screams girly and glittery. 
It's perfection! 10/10!

A huge thanks to my lovely sponsor who let me review this stunning palette!

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